Abigail and Peter had their Mas des Comtes de Provence Wedding a few years ago. It’s just one of my favourites so I had to add this to my new site.

I met with Abigail and Peter before their wedding for their couple shoot at the Boating Lake in Cleethorpes. It’s always useful to have a pre-shoot before your wedding. It can help anyone who’s nervous be more at ease with me on the day. It also helps me to see what works best for you as a couple. Some couples need direction and some work better just being completely natural and having a giggle with one another. Abigail and Peter definitely worked better when I photographed them naturally interacting with each other.

After approximately 5 trains, a bus and 2 taxi rides I arrived the day before the wedding, staying in Beaucaire. The wedding ceremony was scheduled for 5:30pm. That might seem quite late to us English folk, but its not out of the ordinary in warmer countries. It would simply be too hot in the midday heat for an outdoor service.

Abigail and her bridesmaids were relaxing in the bridal suite when I arrived. I took some details whilst capturing the ladies getting ready. The light in the room was stunning and the decor even more beautiful. It was a wedding photographers dream. Peter was also staying at the venue so I could capture a few shots of him getting ready. All two minutes of it.

I then headed down to the ceremony a few minutes before the bride so I could capture their arrival. The ceremony took place underneath the shade of one of the venue’s trees. I love the shots from the ceremony. They’re so full of vibrancy and love, my favourite moment was when Peter touched Abigail’s arm as she arrived. I love capturing those moments.

After the ceremony all the guests proceeded to the courtyard for canapés and music. I grabbed a few shots of the couple before starting the groupings. Due to the later ceremony time was tight as the speeches were due to start.  After finishing the groups I snook in some more shots of the couple in the courtyard in the fading light. The wedding breakfast and speeches were in a converted barn a minutes walk from the ceremony.

Shortly after the main meal had finished we headed over to another converted barn for the evening reception. Before the first dance the couple lit their profiterole cake and opened the pudding bar. Yep, a bar dedicated to puddings. I was in macaroon heaven. I truly had the most amazing time at Abigail and Peter’s wedding. Still to this day one of my all time favourites; the people, the venue, the weather and all the love at this wedding was what made it so special.

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Mas des Comtes de Provence Wedding
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