An Intimate Healing Manor ceremony of owners Steve and Charlotte in February 2020, my last social-distance free wedding. What an absolute cracker it was!

I’ve worked with Charlotte and Steve for quite some time now shooting commercial work for Healing Manor. Of all the lovely photographers Charlotte works with I was honoured she chose me to document these precious and bloody hilarious moments with her closest family and friends.

The back story

Charlotte and Steve were originally thinking of having a small ceremony in November 2019 and holding a summer celebration the following July. Charlotte got in touch with me late December to say, its definitely on and it’s going to be the 1st February. Charlotte had five weeks to plan their wedding, but this was no problem when you work with amazing suppliers every day. I’m sure Charlotte could have planned her wedding in 5 hours!

Fast forward a few days and I get a message from Charlotte, a broken elbow, slipping on some ice on NYE. After a week or so of appointments Charlotte gets the go ahead that the ceremony can go on, even though the specialist wanted to operate. The only catch; Charlotte would need to wear an elbow brace every day including the most part of her wedding day.

Intimate Ceremony

A small ceremony with 20 of Charlotte and Steve’s closest family and friends. Candle lit, surrounded by flowers it was pretty romantic for this power couple. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there were some funny moments but it was still a tear jerker. After the beautiful ceremony, Steve collected his welcome drink, attached his ball and chain and looked at his new wife to seek her approval. Charlotte then attached her own version of the ball and chain, in the shape of an elbow brace. After some drinks and canapés the wedding party headed off to the Devonshire Arms, Bolton Abbey for their 8 course tasting menu.

Not-so-intimate Reception

If you’re easily offended, please do give this one a miss and check out some of my other wedding posts. I absolutely howled my way through the speeches. I’m quite surprised I managed to document them in all honesty. Not only did I fall in love with this couple even more, but their family and friends too. Every single one of them happy to be the butt of Steve’s jokes. Every single one having the best time, singing their hearts out in between courses, sometimes into the mic shaped dildo! A far cry from what started out as a Intimate Healing Manor ceremony! LOVED EVERY SECOND.

6 weeks after the wedding we were thrown into Lockdown 1. This means Charlotte and Steve’s big celebration party had to be put on hold. My good friend James Green of James Green Studio will hopefully be taking the photography reigns for the party when its back on track. I’ll be leaving my camera at home for that one, its going to be one hell of a party!

Again, please don’t continue scrolling if you’re easily offended. Last warning!


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