This was my first wedding at St Mary’s Church Beverley. It did not disappoint. I would say that this is THE best church I have ever shot at. It has everything. Firstly, and this makes such a huge difference to your ceremony and photographs, the vicar and her colleagues are lovely. They cannot help enough. Secondly, the church is so beautiful. The details and vast ceilings and the LIGHT. Such beautiful soft yet dramatic light. No awful red down lights often seen in churches today. An absolute joy to photograph in.

After a few weeks of constant downpours Sarah and Tim were blessed with a gorgeous sunny autumnal day. The couple were both getting ready at Beverley Arms Hotel which is located across the road from the church. This meant I could capture Sarah and Tim before they walked across to the church.

After the beautiful ceremony, the couple and their guests headed off on a double decker bus to Beverley Barn for their reception. Upon arrival guests were greeted with some lovely vocals from Grace Christiansen and delicious canapés, kudos to James Brown and his staff at Nomad catering. Also you might spot James’ tuk tuk which supplied guests with a few beers on tap to sit alongside drinks at the bar.

Anyway I’ll stop my ramblings and let the photos do the story telling. If you’re a supplier and have worked on this wedding, do drop me an email with your details and i’ll pop you a credit.

If you’re planning a St Mary’s Church Beverley or Beverley barn wedding please do get in touch.

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