Healing Manor Hotel Suppliers is an ongoing campaign celebrating local suppliers to the Hotel. The text below is taken from the campaign.

Alfred and Enderby is one of a very few traditional smoke houses left in England and supply the hotel’s smoked salmon. Two generations of the Enderby family have been responsible for the survival of the business, a torch which in 2016 passed to current owner, a loyal customer of Enderby’s, Patrick Salmon. Taking the reigns from Richard Enderby who called time on his 42-year career three years ago, Patrick has taken significant pride in keeping the traditional methods Alfred Enderby is well-known and loved for alive.

Coven Garden, lead by Graham Stark, supply their specialist vegetables, herbs, micro herbs and edible plants. It all started with the idea of providing Graham’s two sons, Ben and Sam with a job. Both autistic, Graham wanted to create an opportunity for Ben and Sam to earn a living and make use of the land they owned in Covenham. Graham works closely with Steve AKA The Lincolnshire Chef and plans the seeding schedule.

Pin Gin, a family owned distillery has a heritage dating back to the 1950’s where co-founder Alan Stansfield’s father worked as a small scale whiskey producer. In 2016, inspired by his father, Alan and Amy Conyard co-founded the distillery.

Among the rolling chalk hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds, on a beautiful farm near Louth, lives a thoroughly Lincolnshire herd of cattle. Robust and deep ruby red in their colour, this particular 70-strong herd of Lincoln Reds grazes on the hillside of a very special place – the Dobson family farm.Amy’s russet beauties are something to be truly proud of. A product which tastes phenomenal, it more than speaks volumes for the people behind its production. These Lincolnshire Reds taste so good because of their story, because of the lovely life they get to lead, one which sadly not all animals in the production industry are privy to. And that comes solely from the hard work of Amy and her team.

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